Woocommerce Download Link NOT Visible

I worked with my website host and was able to get the emails working with this theme and Woocommerce.

The emails work fine now but where it says Download: - right next to it is supposed to be the name of the file, which when clicked, leads the customer to the file. It looks like it is not there but if you move your mouse to where it’s supposed to be, there is a clickable area there, where the customer can click to download their file.

How can I make this area visible so the customer can SEE it? I’m thinking this has to do with the theme somehow.

Hi @sandrajp,

Thank you for your another question.

Could you please share me the page URL from your site where it is not displaying correctly so that i can troubleshoot it?

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This is actually the email that Woocommerce generated from the website. So something is happening on the site when the emails are being sent where the theme is possibly suppressing the text but still making the space where the text is supposed to be, clickable. I’d have to send you one of these emails so you can see it yourself.

Is it working fine for you using any default WordPress theme like Twenty Fifteen?

You can send the email on my email id [email protected]

Just sent it.

Thank you for sending it.

I troubleshooted it and found it is getting hidden due to the custom CSS applied on it as shown in the attached screenshot but the theme is not applying any CSS on it.

Is it working fine for you using any default WordPress theme like Twenty Fifteen?


I didn’t want to chance ruining all the custom CSS I’ve done by switching to a standard theme. So I don’t know if the problem was happening with the other themes to be honest. I was able to pinpoint where/how to fix the issues, based on your response - so thank you. To be clear, I’m not sure if it was the theme that changed the style or if it came like that from Woo Commerce, but here is the fix:

Link: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/download-link-in-confirmation-email-is-not-visible-white

Just go into your woocommerce files (either in the plugin or your theme directly)




and edit this line (around line 135)

a {
color: <?php echo esc_attr( $base ); ?>;
font-weight: normal;
text-decoration: underline;

to this:

a {
color:red; /* or whatever color you want, hex value, etc */
font-weight: normal;
text-decoration: underline;

Doing this made the link appear.  So it worked for me.  Thank you for all your help.


Awesome great to see you got that resolved.

It seems from the shared solution that it’s woocommerce plugin issue.

Please advise if you have more questions.

You are most welcome here :slight_smile: