WooCommerce Error/Warning

I am getting the following warning/error on the WooCommerce dashboard:

Your theme (Shapely) contains outdated copies of some WooCommerce template files. These files may need updating to ensure they are compatible with the current version of WooCommerce. Suggestions to fix this:

  1. Update your theme to the latest version. If no update is available contact your theme author asking about compatibility with the current WooCommerce version.

I assume the version 1.2.15 is up to date?
How do I resolve this please?

Hey there

You can use this method to fix it: https://woocommerce.com/document/fix-outdated-templates-woocommerce/
Please also note, outdated files will not affect your shop functionality


I have tried to follow these instructions but am confused at it appears to say to backup file, then copy to a new location and edit, which seems to be editing same version and doesn’t say what to edit!?

Any clarification would be appreciated.

Hi @stevejake

Try this video explaining better to how to fix it:

Please also note, this is not a problem at all, its a message and your shop functionality will not be affected