WooCommerce Font


Is there a way to change the font for WooCommerce across the entire plugin? Could you provide css for this?

Thank you,

Hello Lucy,

Please provide a link to your website and tell me the font you want to apply

Hello Lucy

I see your site but cant reaches Woocommerce territory because you don’t have any product.
Please also tell me which font you want to change and where exactly, provide direct link to the page

It shouldn’t matter - if there is code to change the colour and family of the font across WooCommerce, I can apply it without you seeing the pages. Also, if you visit the basket or shop page as they are, you can see the text.


Can you help with this? If you visit either of these pages https://lucydimarino.com/shop/ https://lucydimarino.com/basket/ or look at the screenshots of them attached, you can see font…

How do I change it?

Also, when the Return to Shop button is hovered over/ pressed, the entire thing becomes transparent - how can I edit this?

Thank you.

#page .entry-content a:hover
About “Return to Shop” button issue where it becomes transparent. Please open/edit your basket hmtl file (in it your have wp-custom-css style that cause the issue)

Edit your basket html file by searching (shortcut to search, press: CTRL + F) for:
#page .entry-content a:hover” and in it you will see “background: transparent;”:
Please delete that line only (Check attached image as well)

I was given that code by a moderator here because I wanted no box around hyperlinked text when it is selected. Can you give me code so that when a link is clicked on, nothing happens to the text? It stays the same with no colour change, no background colour, no box?

Also, can someone please tell me how to change the font used in WooCommerce - you can see text on the Shop and Basket pages even with no products there.

Thank you.

HI there

try this codes:

/* Font change /
.woocommerce .woocommerce-info {
font-family: lora;
hover */
.woocommerce a.button:hover {
background: transparent;
color: black;

these values can be changed in the codes