Woocommerce layout change since theme update

Hi, since the last updates for woocommerce and Tyche theme, my product layout has changed. They only display on the left of the page instead of across the full page. Is there a fix for this ?

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In order to check your question i need to see your live website, please provide url and i will take a look

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goldenextracts net

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Can i check the setup on the backend? also, will you aloow me to downgrade the Woocommerce?
Please use this plugin to create temporary access for us, its automatic login link and does not requires sharing your admin details. here is How To guide. at the and don’t forget about  “Set as private reply” at the bottom of the message box


I have created a new password while you make access to admin




Please update once fixed

hello ranger

Can you please tell me if this theme was modified? some default functions and options are not working,
Can i update the theme? if you allow me i will create backup and will fix this problem by refreshing theme

No, there have been no modifications
Yes please backup and refresh theme if this will fix
Thank you

Hi, do you have an update yet to fix my site ?

Hi, still no reply from you. Can you give me an update ?

Good morning

I’m so sorry about that looks like my reply did not go well, I’ve fixed your problem several days ago, please check it and let me know if this is what you wanted:

Thank you for the fix !

You are welcome :slight_smile:

Let me know if you need anything else