Woocommerce Title

Hello! I recently started using this theme for my website and while trying to remove the woocommerce title on the side bar I deleted something I shouldn’t have!

This is the error message I am receiving when trying to pull up my site!
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '?> ’ in /home/rattleta/public_html/wp-content/themes/illdy/woocommerce.php on line 36.

And this is whats left of my woocommerce PHP

  • The template for displaying WooCommerce.

  • @package WordPress

  • @subpackage illdy
    <?php get_header(); ?>

    &lt;?php if( is_active_sidebar( 'woocommerce-sidebar' ) ): ?&gt;
    &lt;?php else: ?&gt;
    				'after_widget'	=&gt; '',
    				'before_title'	=&gt; '',
    				'after_title'	=&gt; ''
    the_widget( 'WC_Widget_Product_Categories', 'title=' . __( 'Product Categories', 'illdy' ), 
    &lt;?php endif; ?&gt;

    <?php get_footer(); ?>

Any help is much appreciated, Thank you!

Hello there,

I hope you are doing well today.

If you do not have the content that you deleted to add back into the file then you would have to delete and reinstall Woocommerce.

Regarding removing the title, this could have been done by adding some CSS code that we would be able to provide.

Best Regards,