Word SEARCH disappears

Hi there,

When I activate the Elementor plugin, the word SEARCH disappears in both buttons (magnifying-glass on header and search results page).

How can I fix this, please?

My website: www.vandaomiranda.com


Hi there

Can you activate it? activate it and leave it activated, I will check the conflict, this might be a css issue

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Hi, thank you for the message. My Elementor plugin is activated.
My website is: www.vandaomiranda.com

Something weird is happening here.

When NOT Activate: Search word is there normally, but the Instagram icon on footer does not appear in any page (although the link still working)

When Activate: the word Search disappears (magnifying-glass box and search results page), BUT the Instagram icon on footer finally appears (but only at homepage, if you click on “contacts” and go to the other page, this icon disappears).


Hi there

This css code can fix it:

.module.widget-handle .title {
display: contents;


Hi! Thank you for your message but maybe i wasn’t clear. This css puts a title at the header but in fact the problem is other: what is disappearing is the word "search’ inside de box (on the button), after clicking on the magnifying glass (header). The same happens in the search results page, as you can see here: Search Results for “noah” – Vandão Miranda

Hi @donmiranda

Im sorry, I tried it but its still visible for me, can you show me a screenshot?

Hi, here it is:


Which browser?
this is how it appears for me, I don’t have any problems: Screenshot by Lightshot

Well, I’ve been trying it on Macbook (Safari and Chrome), Dell Notebook with Windows (Chrome, Firefox) and Android Mobile Phone (Chrome) and it always appears with this same problem for me.

Hi there

@donmiranda I tried it in different browsers on different devices but the result is always the same, I cant see any problem with them, the code that controls color does not have any issues.

Can you try incognito mode of chrome?

Hi there,

I see the same problem also at your Shapely demo site.
Please open a 404 “not found” page at your demo website, for example: https://colorlibhub.com/shapely/404

(Browser: Chrome, incognito mode.)

Could you please help and provide a solution to this problem? Thanks in advance.

Hi there

Please try this plugin as a solution: Smart Custom 404 error page [404page] – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org