Wordpress 5.5 update broke things - Hamburger menu not working site wide / other

Hamburger menu dead on mobile devices - Site Wide.
Front Page services section went to black and white - Checked and am unable to bring the color back.

We have backups and am debating on whether we should restore the site to a previous time or if we should wait. I do see that the hamburger issue has been reported already, i didn’t see the black and white issue reported yet. We have posted a post letting our customers know the site is broken but…

Should we wait for a fix or should we restore our site from a backup? Trying to avoid the headache of running a full restore on everything if possible…

Thank you.

Hey there

I would recommend to roll back WordPress version or use your backup with working hamburger menu, as you may already know this problem is already reported and we are waiting for the fix


The black and white issue has also been reported?

We rolled back to version 5.4.2. Also rolled back the entire site (uploads, DB, themes, plugins) back to before the update to 5.5. This resolved all issues. We have disable automatic updates. Hopefully this gets resolved soon. Until then we will not be running any updates anytime soon.

This is what we did in this order.

  1. We rolled back everything with our backups from this -> UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org

  2. We downgraded Wordpress to version 5.4.2 with this -> WP Downgrade | Specific Core Version – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org

  3. We turned off automatic updates immediately after the downgrade (otherwise the 5.5 will reinstall automatically again) -> Easy Updates Manager – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org

  4. Cleared all cache. Verified everything fix and working correctly.

Wordpress 5.5 Makes me sad…

Hopefully this helps someone.

Hi Alex, thank you for sharing this information, it definitely helps