Wordpress Gallery - Not showing captions


(This is regarding Activello and the Wordpress Gallery - where you can add 2+ pictures and it allows to scroll through left and right.)

I recently added 2 galleries in my post.

All photos have captions. The captions display while in edit mode. [Please see picture below]

But once I publish, the captions are not there on the website. Take a look here:

Please, How can I fix this?

The captions appear only for “single pictures” and “tiled pictures”. But when I do a “Gallery” to scroll of two or more pictures, the captions do not appear.

Thank you for your help!

Hey there

These galleries are created by jetpack image galleries, for some reasons captions are not appearing, they are hidden by css, i tried many things but was not able to reveal them, please contact to Jetpack support and ask them for support