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Hi, I have just downloaded contact form 04. How shall I implement it to my wordpress site? I mean, what are the steps to implement it? For example, if I want to install a plugin, I just add a plugin and then activate it. I have the contact 7 plugin installed.

What are the steps with a contact form from colorlib?

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Hi dante

It’s just html form template, its impossible to install it on wordpress, please do a little research about this.
HTML templates are not possible to install on wordpress.


To implement the Contact Form 04 from Colorlib on your WordPress site, follow these steps:

  1. Open the downloaded Contact Form 04 folder and locate the HTML file.
  2. Copy the HTML code from the file.
  3. Log in to your WordPress admin panel.
  4. Go to “Pages” and create a new page where you want to display the contact form.
  5. Switch to the “Text” editor mode in the page editor.
  6. Paste the copied HTML code into the text editor.
  7. Save or update the page.
  8. To make the form functional, you need to add backend processing. Since you have the Contact Form 7 plugin installed, you can create a new form using its interface and customize it as needed.
  9. Go to “Contact” in the WordPress admin panel and select “Add New.”
  10. Configure the form fields, email settings, and other options according to your requirements.
  11. Save the form and copy the shortcode generated by Contact Form 7.
  12. Go back to the page where you pasted the HTML code of Contact Form 04.
  13. Replace the existing form HTML code with the Contact Form 7 shortcode.
  14. Save or update the page again.

Now, your Contact Form 04 should be implemented on your WordPress site and fully functional using the Contact Form 7 plugin.

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@roman5828 Thanks for your input and efforts, yes, it will require some other work because it will not be the same without embedding CSS of the form.


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@MasonJohn thanks for your detailed instruction :smiley: :smiley:

I will close this case now