WordPress pagination, logo and excerpt length issue.

Hi there,

just downloaded the sparkling theme and I absolutely love it. I was looking something like this for such a long time.

I found some issues though:

  1. How can I add pagination to my homepage?

  2. I read a thread about how to show the excerpt on the homepage but I don’t know why when I installed the theme the excerpt box disappeared. In fact, I’d like to have control of the excerpts a little bit but I don’t know how to do that. Why is the excertp box not appearing?

  3. Last but not least, when I upload the logo on my site, it gets stuck to the top and I resized it with the recommended pixels but it still gets stuck. Why is that happening?

Thank you so much!

Thank you for your feedback! I really appreciate it!

  1. Pagination comes automatically once you reach number you have set inside WordPress dashboard >> Settings >> Reading >> “Blog pages show at most”.
    If you are looking for numeric pagination then there is not one built right in this theme but some time ago i wrote a tutorial that will help you with that.
    Pagination that we use on our theme demo is powered by Jetpack and its Infinite scroll module.

  2. There is no excerpt for this theme and it only shows full length content. This is about to change within few days when version 1.9.1 will become available for everyone via automated update. There there is going to be a separate option to choose between excerpt and full content.

  3. Not sure what could go wrong there. Maybe try different internet browser and temporarily disable all plugins to see if it helps.