Wordpress plugin that would allow clients to sign in, place orders, view past an

I run a photo editing company where I serve mainly real estate agents. Currently our order/delivery process is as follows: client visits website, goes to order form on service page, uploads photos, pays, checks out. 48 hours later we email them photos. It is kind of an unprofessional system and before I start really putting a lot of advertising dollars into it, I’d like a better system.

There is a website called BoxBrownie who has a great client portal solution. You can sign in, buy credits, place orders, manage orders etc. This is what I am looking for. A plugin/solution, probably wouldn’t be a plugin as it would be a subdomain of my current site, where my clients can do the above. I imagine their system is custom, but I’m sure there is something similar on the market. I have searched and searched but have found nothing.
Thank you

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Sorry, but you have to do research, this problem is not related to our products :slight_smile: