WordPress Theme in French?

I have another request:
I use a French translation fo the theme. There is an issue with the ‘read more’ button. In French it says ‘plus de détail’, which is not totally correct. I would like to change it and to write ‘plus de détails’ (with a s at the end). Can you tell me how I can do it ?


You just have to edit fr_FR.po using po file editor. This file can be found in theme folder → languages.

For more details check this tutorial: https://colorlib.com/wp/2013/how-to-translate-wordpress-theme/

If you are making several changes I would be grateful if you could send me your newly created .po file so everyone can benefit from it.

I made a lot minor modifications on the file: there were many small subject-verb agreement mistakes. Can you send me your email (you have mine), so I can send you the amended file ?


Email sent!

Thank you for your contribution!