Wordpress version required?


I got Wordpress version 3.1.2 installed.
Will Sparkling theme work well under this version?
Do you want to include a ‘pre-requisite’ chapter in respective documentation?

Thank you for letting me know!

I haven’t tested it with so old version but I guess there shouldn’t be any problems.

Why are you still using so outdated version? You are losing a lot of great features and your website can be hacked any time because there are dozens of know vulnerabilities that are fixed over time.

Hi Aigars,

thank you for your response. I’m a user of QNAP NAS storage, and they offer many apps natively for the box, which is an advantage. One of those is WordPress, and the only version I can download is 3.1.2. That’s why … As I’m not a savvy Linux freak, I won’t risk to try to install an unsupported version on this box on my own. So all I’m trying is to find out how to get most out of my box. I like your Thema most, after reviewing several dozens of others. I’ll try to install your Thema, and let’s see what happens.
Thanks for responding once again.