WP 5.6 Bug, impossible to customize


after updating to WP 5.6, customization of the Ildy theme is no longer possible.

Do you have a solution ?

Thank you

Hey there

There are some problems in the latest Wp update if possible please temporary downgrade to the previous compatible version,

Thank you

I will do ti

Thank you for your patience and have a great Christmas days :slight_smile:

when can it be fix? my website getting serious problem.

Hi there

Sorry, the problem is already reported and only developers can fix it, unfortunately, I cant provide an estimated date for this task:

As a temporary solution, you may downgrade the version for some time

may i know which jquery version you all using in illdy theme now? because in that way i can downgrade jquery version.


You may use the previous version of WordPress, please also note,e we are updating all our themes, stay tuned