WP 5.7.2 SubMenus not working

Create a Custom link, only for a title, and make a few pages subMenus. They dont show up.

I just updated the theme, reloaded for a double check. It is not fixed.

It seems this has been a problem, and looks to me as though people think its fixed. NOT!.

WP 5.7.2

Hi there

Let me see it, please provide url of the website and I will check it

I’m, sorry to have bothered you, but … Today, it worked just as it should.

I worked with this over several days before sending you the report. So, it was not a cashing thing.

You don’t need it now, but the site was ScCrow.com

Thank you for the reply

Hey, no worries at all :slight_smile:

yes, i see menu is working now :slight_smile: