WP Date Remover

Hi! I am enjoying Pinbin very much but have run into a couple of problems. First is using the plug-in “WP Author, Date and Meta Remover” doesn’t seem to work. Is that not supported by this theme?

I am always wondering how people can come up with something so complex that requires a single line of code.

.pinbin-date, .pinbin-meta {
    display: none;

Add this code to Jetpack Custom CSS field, Child Theme style.css or anywhere else where you add custom CSS implementations on top of themes and plugins.

Thanks for the reply.

Happy to satisfy your wonder: because what is just simple code to you, is scary and complex for me. The same way that maybe 我用中文写汉字 is a very simple sentence to over a billion people (including me), but perhaps not so easy for you.

So I look for plug-ins where possible, because I can understand them! And on top of that, I have no access to the code, just to the WP interface.

Thanks for answering so quickly, though.