WP Table Block Formatting Issue


I can’t figure out if this is something within the theme that I can adjust or it is the table block itself. For some reason, when I insert the table block created on WP into the theme, some of the numbers at the top of the table are offset while others are in a straight line. I cannot seem to figure out how to adjust this. See screenshot for reference:

Hi there

I need direct link to this page

link: madmartialarts.com

I definitely think it is related to the theme, as I don’t run into the issue when creating the same block on another Wordpress site using diff themes.

Just checking in on this issue thank you :slight_smile:

Sorry for missing your ticket,

Nothing wrong with the table, text is placed in the wrong direction, check this out: Screenshot by Lightshot

I’m sorry I don’t quite understand the response. The code for the table is coming straight from Wordpress, but the text I’m referring to having an issue is the times, not Monday-- for example see how the 5 in 4-5PM is offset while the 11-12PM is in a straight line?

When using the same table code on another theme I have no problem, so I’m thinking it may have something to do with dimension settings that are causing it to line up that way? I had inserted the table using the text section of the Shapely Parallax Section for Frontend.

It is actually the PM in this case that is offsetting. It is only happening in the first 4 columns and then the rest of the table aligns, which is why I am confused.


The link is no longer available, please enable it again


I’m actually running into a more urgent issue now and panicking as I’m not sure why this is happening. I went into edit the page on the frontpage I had built with Shapely and the page completely changed, all my work and widgets and customization are gone. How can I undo this?

link is: madmartialarts.com

I was able to restore this to an earlier version but I just want to point this out to you as the front page crashed when going in to edit the page, so unsure what caused that in this case.

And the problem of the offset still remains, so just to ensure link is: madmartialarts.com

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once again, the table is using the wrong HTML markup, its in wrong table row and you need to change it

Are you able to provide any further clarify on what you mean by the wrong table row?

Also, is there a way to change the background color of just this parallax section? Right now the settings I have customized align to automatically make it red for every other section, but I would like to change the color of this section. Thanks for your assistance.

This is just built using Wordpress’ table block so I can’t see where I would inputting the information incorrectly, and get confused to see it working fine when testing on a normal page, which is why I ask for you to clarify on what you mean by this to confirm

Hi Tal

I see you already managed with the table?
Honestly I really can’t do anything else because I clearly outlined problem, you just need to make changes into the table, there is nothing else I can do :slight_smile:

To change BG of this section you may use this code:

div#shapely_home_parallax-6 .bg-secondary {
background: #008000;