wp_trim_words() function not changing effect when edited


I’m trying to prevent my post titles shortening on the home page. (Site: anarchistparty.org). I’ve used the solution described here: https://colorlibsupport.com/t/title-of-blog-post-shorten-with/ and edited the wp_trim_words() function to increase the maximum words in a title, but the homepage appears unchanged.

I’ve also used the first solution described here: How to Customize WordPress Titles but it is clearly the trim_words function which is causing the issue as the titles always shorten to the default title length of 9 words.

The only other thing I can think of that might affect it is that I am using the Advanced Excerpt plugin, but that shouldn’t be impacting post titles.

Any help much appreciated

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Looks like checking several things in the backend is necessary, please send me your access credentials along with your website URL and I will investigate this case.

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Colorlib Support Team


I created an admin user for you. URL of the website is: anarchistparty.org

Username: Noda
Password: t9lXXJ(xN35%srzrQ!Y3%7vr