WPML Translation Compatibility

Hi, I was recently told that the WPML plugin was fully compatible with the Pixova Lite theme. However, I have encountered problems trying to translate the contents of the homepage. I contacted the WPML support forum for assistance and gave them access to my website to investigate the issue. I would appreciate it If you can please read the attached (screenshot of their email in response) and provide me with a response I can send to WPML. Thank you.

Hi Gary

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I want to check this, please send me your access credentials along with your website URL and I will investigate this case. please also include steps to replicate this problem

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Colorlib Support Team


URL: www.cuvecom.org/wp-login.php
Username: admin
Password: [email protected]#

I’m not sure how to respond to your request - “please also include steps to replicate this problem”

Hi, is there an update on my issue or an estimated timeframe for looking into the problem? Thank you.

Gary sorry for the delay, did not reply yesterday,
yes, indeed I have not expected problems with WPML and Pixova and was investigating this problem,
Please try this method and let me know if it worked:

You already bought WPML or are you just testing?

Hi, I’ve sent your response to the WPML developer to ask if he already tried the method you suggest. Yes, I have already bought the plugin.

Ok gary

let me know results

Still no response from WPML. I’m trying to figure it out myself, but I can’t find the specific content on the homepage I want to translate. I won’t lie, it’s driving me insane. Have any other people contacted Colorlib with the same issue?

The response from WPLM is as follows - “Yes, I already tried that method and I was not able to find the fields. Can you please ask them to look into it?”

Do you think any of the customising done to the homepage has made it so WPML won’t work? Is there a solution?

Good morning Gary

What I know is that theme is WPML compatible, to be honest, I did not try this before,
What I can do in this situation is that I will send your problem to the developer to fix it, I will open an issue in our GitHub page but I can’t say when it will be resolved.
Have you tried free plugin yet? you should start from the free plugin first

I guess I’ll just have to wait, hope and pray the developer can find a solution and sooner rather than later. I haven’t tried a free plugin and I don’t think it’s wise to try something else just yet. I purchased WPML primarily because I trusted your recommendation, but also because they had good reviews. I was running out of time and needed to translate every aspect of the website (not in parts) and because you were no longer able to help me, purchasing the plugin came with support. If you can use any of your influence to speed up the developer’s feedback, it would be greatly appreciated. I’ll keep checking on progress and also wait to see if the WPML support guy has any suggestions.

Good morning Gary

There is the ticket I just opened in our bug tracking system:

Yet, there is nothing than waiting for the developer