Wrongly Charged Fees - After a year

Hello. I made a onetime purchase of a colorlib template (logistico) for $50 over a year back. However, last month (Nov 25, 2021) I see that I have been charged $20 on my credit card. Why has this been done? I am not on a recurring subscription. Must be an issue on your end.

Please help me resolve this issue. Contact me and I can share more details about this - the card details, faulty charges on it etc.

Hey there

Probably its was a year based subscription, check this out: Licence - Colorlib

I had purchased the “single template” worth $20, i believe. This is a one timetime payment as per the website. Where exactly does this say it’s a yearly subscription on this?

@eleanorrigby most probably you subscribed for future updates and support of the template, that’s why you charged I believe

You believe? Can’t you check the logs and confirm?

I did not do that I had only made a one-time purchase of $20. As shown in the link you shared: Licence - Colorlib, there $20 is a single template for a one-time purchase.

This is a mistake on your end. Please refund the money

Hi there

Yes, that was what I thought because I cant check the payments log,
@aigars-silkalns can you please verify this case?

Sorry for inconvience