Your Theme advise please

Hello - I’m new to all of this and my head is spinning…

I am looking for a theme that (1) doesn’t have to have a large image (slider?) at the top of the opening page. From my research over the weeks I think this means it should come with layout options?
(2) Can be made into a dark color scheme (black background, with text).
(3) Is Responsive (Bootstrape I think).
(4) Has a schedule/events - a T-shirt shop - and gallery features (plugins?).
(5) 3 columns possibly.

I have been looking at the free and pro themes and would like recommendations in both categories if they are available. Maybe there are several that meet my needs and I just haven’t figured out how to shop-themes.

I’m afraid to get to deep into a theme just to find out it can’t do what I need.

Thank you so much for sharing your insight about the Colorlib themes that would fit my needs.
Or your advise on how to shop-themes :slight_smile:

Hello @77james

Buddy sorry but we can’t take decision instead of you :slight_smile: all you need is to browse our themes and check which one is better for you, such questions are very specific and only you can decide which theme is better for you

I did not ask you to make my decision, just to share your knowledge about the themes. But I see that would mean you are helping… Good to know that is not the spirit around Colorlib before I get in to deep.

Good morning @77james

Thank you for getting back
Dear James, such suggestions or knowledge sharing is often useless, i would say, it does not have any sense, every item we have for free are available on this website, you just need to check them, what can i suggest? i don’t know what is your plan or what result you want to get, such discussion can take big big time and conclusion is not always clear… instead of this we offer, a clear website where you a check all our products, their possibilities and super support for any product you choose :slight_smile: