Youtube background video doesn't fill screen?

Does anyone know how I can get my background video to fill the screen and for the top menu to be on top of the video rather than a separate bar above?

My link is

Thank you xx

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Overall, you will have different appearance of the video on different screen sizes, you can check this if you see your website from different screen devices,
this css code will make it little bit better:

.home #header .top-header {
padding-top: 0px;
padding-bottom: 0px;

add it in appearance > customize > additional css

Dear all, I would like to insert an mp4 video on the homepage instead of a static image, how can I change the code to insert a video in full screen?
The theme in use is called: Illdy Companion Version: 2.1.2.
Thanks for your help


Good morning Dom

Sorry but there is no option in the theme to natively insert video, you need to utilize third-party plugins for this, page builders for example

Hi Noda, thank you for the information.
If I insert this plugin that you suggest, could there be any compatibility issues with the theme?


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No, lot of our customers are using page builder plugin and they don’t have a problem :slight_smile:

I would like to get a result like this:

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No page builder was used on this page, you can do the same only with the theme :slight_smile: