Blurry and low quality Images

Dear Colorlib,

I have a big problem in my website. My images got all blurry (low quality) without no aparent reason, even the images I upload now are getting blurry with a very low quality compared how they used to be.

Can you help me?
Best regards,

Irina Sopas

Good evening Irina

Sorry, but which image is blurry on the website? i just browsed it and i can’t see the explained problem

Hallo Dear, first thanks for the answear.

The images on the site used to be crystal clear, almost like the original vectors. Now they lost quality.

They aren’t totally blurry or with quality so low that we cannot see, but their quality are much lower than they used to be.

You can see some examples attached.

Do you know what may be causing it?

Best regards,


Hi there

Please deactivate all third party plugins and try again your problem, most probably this I conflict with third-party plugins.
Once you deactivate all plugins please check your problem again, if the problem is gone then this means it was a plugin conflict. Now, start activating plugins one by one and same time repeat your problem until your problem appears again, now you know which plugin was in conflict

Colorlib Support Team

Hallo! Going to do that right now. I’ll be back with the tests results. Kisses Support

Back! I deactivated all third party plugins all at once, cleaned my cookies and the problem stills.

hey there

Good evening Irina

Please add this CSS in appearance - customize - additional CSS

for homepage:

#rpwwt-recent-posts-widget-with-thumbnails-2 img {
max-width: 150px;

images on this page:

is resized, but they are not pixelated, i want to say this is normal, it’s not recommended to call full-sized images when this is not required, in this case, 150px images are needed and the script is resizing them to 150px

awesome graphics btw :slight_smile:

Colorlib Support Team

Hallo! I added the code you gave me, sending the image from front page after that.

Didn’t understand that “it’s not recommended to call full-sized images when this is not required” sorry hahaha. And how I solve it?

THANK YOU! :smiley: the graphics are made in vector and the other images are bought in professional websites, that’s why I’m sad because the quality from one moment to the other got lower.


Good morning irina :slight_smile:

“Didn’t understand that “it’s not recommended to call full-sized images when this is not required” sorry hahaha. And how I solve it?” - Well, your website will become very very slow, unfortunately, there is no option without customization to disable this function, images are resized to fit in the containers they are displayed, without resize you would have even more blurry and low-quality website with slow loading pages

Hallo!!! I hope you had a nice weekend. Well I have 3 questions:

  1. What if, I upload the images with the right size they will be displayed?
  2. How come this problem just appeared from nowhere?
  3. What kind of customization you’re talking about?

Irina Sopas

Good evening Irina

  1. there will be resized too, lets make sure we are talking on the same thing,
  • here gallery images are resized to 150*150 px, this gallery is using square images and that’s why they are resized,
  • main image here is not resized, this image is displayed without a crop or resize (sorry I used this link incorrectly in the previous reply)
  1. not sure, this is how it should work,
  2. as we can see right now problem is only for the gallery, so, if this is a default theme function customization is necessary to change this style, otherwise, you may look for a different approach or thrd party plugin

Hallo. Now I get it. But if is not being resized why it lost quality?

Good morning Irina

this is the original image:

size of this image is 300-400 and its display without any crop or resize, in other words, the original image is displayed without any correction so if you have complains about the image you have to fix original image :slight_smile:

Hallo. That’s the thing dear.

The original is crystal clear it is a vector from photoshop and sent to the site with the correct size. That image always looked amazing until last week when it lost quality.

The other problem is, I upload any image, it can be the perfect image, as soon the upload ends the image looses quality.

So? :stuck_out_tongue:

Good evening Irina

mm, images are absolutely the same, and this is not a vector image its .png and it if ve resize it will lose quality but in this case image is not resized, :slight_smile:
You can try to test this problem with different images to see how they behave

Hallo. Yes, I know it is a .png the original is vector and it was save in png for the website because I can’t use .psd .ai etc. I’ve tried with other images, as soon as they finish the upload the quality is lost.

This image is just an example. They all lost quality resized or don’t.


Hallo, I made a video from my screen to test it.

Even when I go backwards download the image from my wordpress site to my notebook the image appears better in my notebook. Of course it won’t be clear because is a video but yet you can see the difference, now I’m sure something is wrong hahahaha.

By the way, if I decide to use .svg images on my website (testing it now)

  1. I should send with the images with the correct size I want it to appear? So I don’t need to resize it and mess with quality?

  2. The website will load faster?

Kisses and sorry for the all questions. Just trying to solve it.

Good morning Irina

No problem sweat you can ask as many questions as you wish :slight_smile:

ups, now we are moved to homepage slider? this is different question and i will explain it to you, this is sololique slider, (not theme related question though) in this case image is resized to 655-301 px because this is slider container size, even in this case you are losing about 1% image quality, you can compare original and resized here:

Svg - Yes, it does really have some advantages to use svg images on the site, they not loose quality when resizing and they are also better in speed and performance :slight_smile:

Hallo. Think I answeared yesterday without being logged hahahaha. I even sent a video from my screen so you could see the loss of quality as soon the upload ends.

Some ADMs in the Wordpress Official Forum are also trying to discover what is causing it because there are more people with the same issue and the topics are closed but unsolved.

Well since I have the vectors I’m changing the images on the website so no more loss of quality. With the vector images (SVG) the site will load faster, right?

Because right now I know it is so slow…

Kisses and good morning

Good evening

To be honest im not considering images quality on your website as a problem, they seem to be fine for me
Svg is for sure better thing but dont think that it sill speeds up your website too much, this is one small piece from complex tasks, for more about speeding up yur website check ths link