Can't find my account & template. help me

I just bought the template named adminity(with full license) in
When I bought this template, I’m not registered in your DashboardPack web site.
I tried to reset my password through “I can’t remember the password”
But, I can’t got any replies in my email box.
I’m looking forward to use your template. And I’ll waiting your reply counting the minutes.
You can contact me via phone of mine 82-01-3599-8807.
and my mail for this is “[email protected]
pls reply me asap pls I’ll be waiting you.

Hi there

Not clearly get what is your problem, registering on the website or getting a purchased template?

It was purchased before I was registered.
I think your web automately registered my email
So, I want to reset my password (I had no information about default password. anyway)
I didn’t get a reply at all. (all I want to do is reset my password & download template)


@atelier did you receive the template? registration is not necessary when you make a purchase. you can use the same email to get an account with the purchase.

How can I receive the template pls tell me how to do.
and i can’t find any email replies