Don't received purchased template


A few days ago, I heard that my team member created the followed topic about the account and template.

However, I can see that I have found that the problem has not been resolved yet.

Our problems are two issues.

First, we didn’t receive the purchased template.
I heard that my team member paid for “Adminty HTML template” (as lifetime license) from dashboardpack site(maybe 21st April) (email address is used [email protected]) but he did not receive any email about account, password, template files, etc.
(I think the account registered automatically is “[email protected]”)

Second, all our email addresses have not received any emails from dashboardpack site.
The team member who did not receive the template tried to register an account on the dashboardpack site as a different approach. But he did not receive the password email.
Then we tried to register some our email address([email protected], [email protected], etc.). However, the result is the same(no password received).

What should I do?
Please let me know how.

Hi there

So sorry about that,
@aigars-silkalns can you please help us here?



There aren’t any recorded payments for that user name or email address. Even not a recorded failed attempt.
There is a user account with those credentials but with no record of any transactions.

If you got charged. Make sure to request a refund via your bank or credit card provider because we have no records of any transactions, therefore, we can’t send a refund or further assist with this.

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Thanks for checking and replying.

We will double check the payment status and proceed with the refund process.
But now we hope the second one, the account problem, is resolved.

The following image is a capture trying to register with my email address.
But I never got an email.

The first attempt is in early April.
I tried various methods such as re-registration and password recovery (used by link of “Lost your password”), but no related emails came.

This problem is clearly different from the payment problem.
But I’m cautiously guessing that it has something to do with payment issues as well.

Please check this problem as well.


please also check your spam folder and make sure you don’t miss any email from our domain.

P.s. since you are not charged from our side you can also use different email for new registration



Of course, I have already checked the spam mail box several times.

Our company uses e-mail service through a domain connection in Google workspace.

I checked all the security settings and personal settings (e.g., mail filtering settings), but I couldn’t find any settings that wouldn’t receive mail.

Currently, there are three email accounts of our company ( that we have checked that we have not received the mail.

Is there any other way to check or try other than using another server’s email account?