Customization of Font-Size Broke Customization

It seems like customizing the font-size in the theme customizations panel generated an “invalid value” error that prevented saving the customizations. I found the following thread which didn’t reference any fix and asked about resolution.
Typography Main Body Text

In the need to move on without waiting for a support answer, based upon my site being down (prior theme from another vendor did not support latest wordpress and php updates), I deactivated the theme and started over.

Prior to posting this new thread, as you requested, I looked at the scripts to see if I could see if there was a typo in one of the font-size values. I did find this, but I’m not sure if that’s the break or okay as typed … size vs sizeS.

FILE: customizer.php

I don’t think that’s it, but I don’t see where the “invalid value” warning gets tripped.

Warm regards, Kristi

Hey Kristi

Thank you for reporting, I just filed an issue in our bug tracking system here:

It will be fixed right after the theme update, before this, you may fix it on your side

As I was initially trying nearly every value to make the error go away within the theme’s customizer, I also changed the font-family field a few times. That also generated the “invalid value” response. After sending you my prior response, I noticed similar coding for face/faceS and style/styleS. Likely similar?

Hi there

Im sorry, I can’t say anything further, this is something developer should take a look and there is nothing other than waiting for them, sorry

I was just providing further documentation. Thanks for your reply, though. Kristi

Thank you so much, your input is much appreciated, it included in the GitHub issue :slight_smile: