Display of full Blog

Hi there,
I have a question about the display of the blog with pictures and text like we can see here:
How can I make this happen on my site?
When I do “mywebsite”/blog it directs me to an Archive page with nothing even though I have 3 entries in my blog.
I have tried to look at the customization but nothing seems to indicate how to get this simple page with the listing of the Blog entries. Any idea how to get that sorted as I may have missed something.

Thanks a lot


I found the solution you gave here

However, is there a way to have the “Feature image” of the post to appear on that Blog page (Blog | Renardo Design) like on the home page (renardo.co.uk)?

I removed the fact the “Feature image” appears at the top of a post but I’d like it to appear in the post listing on the Blog page.

Is there any action to allow one and not the other?



I’m glad that you managed to get the blog working alright.

Try this CSS to make the picture appear in the blog listing:

.page-template-blog #blog .blog-post .blog-post-image{
display: block !important; 


Thanks a lot, it works but not entirely the way I’d like it to work.
What I am trying to do is to have the “feature image” on display on the blog page (/blog) where all the posts are listed, BUT not on the posts themselves. As the Feature image appear at the top of the post, I try to remove it to make the post visually lighter.

So I’d like to have the Feature image on show on the /blog page and on the icons for “recent post” but not on the post itself.

Is there a way to have a “display: block” on the /blog page but a “display: none” on the post itself?



Try this code:

.single #blog .blog-post .blog-post-image{
display: none; 


Thanks so much. That’s great, it works perfectly !