Does Sparkling Support PHP 8.0?

We plan to upgrade our website to PHP 8.0 but before doing this want to be sure that the Sparkling Theme will also support PHP 8.0.

Please advise whether Sparkling supports PHP 8.0.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi there

Sorry but we did not tested it on the latest version of PHP, your may try it yourself


I have read in this forum that there are problems with Sparkling and PHP 8.0.

Surely this is an issue, which your technical team should be checking and eventually updating. Otherwise the Sparkling Theme will become outdated and obsolete.

This would be a great shame because the Sparkling Theme is an outstanding one and used by many thousands of websites.

Please check with your technical team and confirm what is happening.

Thanks in advance.


Yes, I understand and this question I already raised here: PHP 8 combability issue · Issue #260 · ColorlibHQ/Sparkling · GitHub

When can we expect your technical team to resolve this PHP 8 combability issue · Issue #260?

Please advise. ·

Hi there,

Nobody knows when (at least users), i have waited working update one year and still waiting. Version 3.0 is coming someday, but more than when, i hope its well built and good one to use.

With gratitude,

I understand you @marx-veix I hope this task will be handled as soon as possible

Sparkling has just been updated to version 2.4.9.

Does it now support PHP 8.0?

Where can we see what changes have been made when a new version is released?

Hi @supertrooper

Sorry but not yet, it’s not ready for PHP 8.0
You can see all the changes here: 2.4.9 in sparkling – WordPress Themes