Don't see the option to add logo

I don’t see the option to add a logo.

I created a very long and detailed post to explain what I am seeing. But the software is telling me that new users can only post one image.

Can you adjust my account so I can post my full question?

Here is my post without the images (except the first one)

I’m using Sparkling 2.4.8 on Wordpress Version 5.6.2.

I’m trying to add a logo to my header.

I’m looking at these instructions:
They say to go to Appearance>Header

and I will get to a page that looks like this:


But I don’t. Instead I see this:

I think this is because the instructions are outdated. However I still can’t find where to upload the logo.

When I click on Header Image I see this:

But this is not the site logo, it’s a banner image that goes across the top of the whole page. Notice it suggests 300x76 size.

If instead I click on Sparkling Options I see this:


If I click on Header I see this:

But there is not option for a logo.

If I go back to the appearance>customize and click on Site Identity I see this:

[note: the image I have here is just a blue box, so it is appearing correctly]

The site icon there is exclusively the favicon, not a logo.

So I’m totally stumped. I have disabled all plugins, so there can’t be a conflict there.

What do you suggest?

hey there

First of all, let me tell you that its really not necessary to provide such a long description of a very small topic, we all save time if we make it as short as possible, :slight_smile:

Regarding your problem, click on my name, use send message button and send me your admin details to investigate your problem


I don’t see a button to send a message:

I think that new users are restricted from sending messages.

That’s fine. Everyone has different styles! I usually find that support people like all the details so we can save time going back and forth.