Recommend removing image restrictions for new users


I was so happy to see that colorlib was using Discourse for your support forum.

I was a little frustrated, though, to find out that you don’t allow new users to add more than one image to a post. I spent quite some time composing a very detailed post only to be told when I went to submit that I was blocked from adding more than one image.

Since this is a help forum, it is actually in your best interest if people can post quality help requests. And it is the new users that you need to help the most. Since your themes are high quality, they may only need to post one time. Blocking that is counter productive.

I realize you may be trying to stop spam. But you are also stopping the very people you are trying to help.

Any way, just a suggestion. Thanks for having this forum!!

Hi there

Thank you for reporting it, but current setup of the forum is the best I think, we were dealing with a lot amount if the spam and now we are a little bit in “better condition” :slight_smile:

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