FAQ and Common issues

1. My theme is not working

Before anything else, make sure that you are using at least PHP version 5.4.24. Falling into this issue usually ends up with a Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM, expecting T_VARIABLE error

Before contacting your hosting company, you might want to check your Cpanel for Select PHP Version

2. My homepage is not displaying the demo sections

As of the latest Illdy versions, the Reading front page display settings has changed from Your latest Posts to a dedicated static front page. To get the site displaying alright, first go to Dashboard > Pages > Add new > Create Home & Blog page. Then head over to Dashboard > Settings > Reading > Select A Static Page > Select Home & Blog page.

The blog static page is optional, as you can set the blog page template in the page right attributes panel and it will display directly. This is helpful if you want to control the blog page header title.

3. There is missing content from my homepage

To avoid injecting default information as live content, the demo content only serves as guideline to set up your own widgets information.

All the demo content needs to be re-saved/modified/custom/replaced and re-saved to appear on the website while not logged in the Dashboard.

Replacing the missing content with new one will regenerate it on the live website.

4. How do I set up the menu?

First of all, you need to create your own menu in Appearance -> Menu. There, use custom links. Each page section has its own link as written below.


Of course, you need to replace dot with name of your webpage. When you are done, save the menu.
Now you need to add this menu to your illdy page, which can be done in Appearance -> Customize. There, in Illdy’s customization menu, click on “Menu”, remove the old one and add your own. (answer courtesy to @pa3kson)

Custom CSS solutions:

Change the size of the principal picture on the head

#header { width: 100%; -webkit-background-size: contain; -moz-background-size: contain; -o-background-size: contain; background-size: contain; background-repeat: no-repeat; }

#header .bottom-header {
width: 100%;
padding-top: 160px;
padding-bottom: 160px;
text-align: center;

Font of the body texts in the differents sections

body, .front-page-section .section-header p, #latest-news .section-content .post .post-entry, #blog .blog-post .blog-post-entry p, .widget ul li a, #blog .blog-post .blog-post-tags li a, #blog span { font-size: 25px !important; }

Size of the services icons

#services .section-content .service .service-icon { font-size: 110px; } .first-row-from-title a { color: #f1d204 !important; }

Color of “contact us” background

#contact-us { background-color: grey !important; }

Color of the boxes in the contact section

#contact-us .section-content .wpcf7-form p .wpcf7-text {
background-color: white;
border: 1px solid white;

#contact-us .section-content .wpcf7-form textarea {
background: white !important;
border: 1px solid white;

Size of the differents titles of the sections

.front-page-section .section-header h3 { font-size: 49px; }

courtesy to @intraweb

Spacing of the homepage jumbotron

#header .bottom-header { padding-top: 300px; padding-bottom: 300px; } @media (max-width: 1024px) { #header .bottom-header { padding-top: 40px; padding-bottom: 40px; } }

Center alignment for header picture

#header { background-position: center; }

This post was created as a thank you note all for the great interest in our theme and for all the kind words!

Thank you for being so supportive when misconfigurations appeared and for looking to improve your setup and experience with the theme.

I will periodically edit and improve this post to reflect the most common issues, and I kindly ask you to do the same if you find any missing documentation or a common issue, please add it below and I’ll review it up the list.

Happy websites, everyone :slight_smile:

DISCLAIMER: I cannot stress enough about how fine the line is between free theme support, premium theme support and paid support for custom coding. Similar situation for theme related issues, WordPress or some 3rd party solution. In the search for the perfect setup, please ask yourself if your issue needs more theme or dashboard documentation, or if what keeps you from the finished product is related to a bug, a lack of theme functionality, requires custom work and styling or just some guidance. I’m sorry if I don’t get to help with all the requests in the same proportion, but I cannot function as a personal designer in the free support scope. If you feel like your request is a personal custom modification, I will happily provide you a quote for premium dedicated support. But always keep in mind that previous forum posts function as the best source of previous common custom solutions, so it should be the perfect place to start answering those questions.


I need wordpress import sample data. Do you have ?

Hello @vision,

All the demo content is already on the website by using default fallback content.
Have a look at issue #2 if you are having trouble to see the homepage demo sections.

If there’s some other issue, please create a dedicated forum post with more information, like screenshots of how you currently see the website.


Hi Ion,

I am also having trouble with the Illdy theme. The website URL is:


On the front page, the first box link under the main heading is not appearing. When I am logged in and editing the site, it appears. When I am not logged in, it does not appear. The box should be translucent white with the words ‘learn more’ appearing on the left side of the ‘our vision’ box.

The About section heading below this does not appear either. When I am logged in, it shows. When I am logged out it disappears.

This also occurs for other elements, such as images on the front page in different sections, mainly the counter widget, the background image appears and then disappears randomly.

At the bottom of the website, the footer copyright text also does not appear. When I customise the site to check that the text I have typed is there, it shows, but when I save and publish, it disappears and the Illdy theme text shows instead. This appears randomly also.

I am concerned with these because the site is for a client and these glitches should not be occurring. I am more than happy to pay for premium support but I think the website should work properly even without premium support and support should only be necessary for advanced or special customisations.

I hope you can help and I would appreciate your response and guidance (with clear instructions please because I am not a programmer).

Thanks so much,


Hello Gina,

It seems like you are falling in the above #3 issue, where you still have default demo content on the website which is not supposed to appear on the live website.

To avoid injecting default information as live content, the demo content only serves as guideline to set up your own widgets information.

All the demo content needs to be re-saved/modified/custom/replaced and re-saved to appear on the website while not logged in the Dashboard.

Replacing the missing content with new one will regenerate it on the live website.

Please confirm that you got it alright, and if there’s any future issues I kindly ask you to create a dedicated thread for it so we can keep this as clean as possible.

Kind regards

Thanks for the good works.
I have the word Archives on my Service title page and i am unable to cancelled it. How do i go about this.
See Link.

Hello @fola,

I recommend you to skip the services category because it would require custom core files coding, and create dedicated pages for you Services, starting with services listing in Dashboard > Pages > Add new > Create service page (choose no sidebar template maybe), list your services and then continue to deal with the other pages in a similar way.

Hopefully the above will work as a better solution than hiding the archive text, which is quite challenging since it needs to appear in the category and like I said, it requires core files modifications.

Kind regards

PS: If you are encountering any problems, please create a dedicated forum post so we can keep this one as clean as possible.


I´ve tryed the

body, .front-page-section .section-header p, #latest-news .section-content .post .post-entry, #blog .blog-post .blog-post-entry p, .widget ul li a, #blog .blog-post .blog-post-tags li a, #blog span { font-size: 25px !important; }

in the style.css but it´s not working.

May you help me?

Can you please create a dedicated forum post for this and also link the website URL?

Most probably the style is not imported alright or there’s some previous bracket not closed.



Thank you for share your work.

I want to change the title of services section but there’s no title input box like other sections.


Hello @ferbm,

Please excuse the tardiness of this reply and also the inconvenience, but it seems like for some reasons the Title field is missing from both services and testimonials.

I’ve tracked this down and it will get resolved in the next theme update.

If you are in an extra rush, I will do my best to guide you around to deal with the information via the core files.

Kind regards

Hello Ion,

I’ll wait for the next update.


Thank you for your patience!
It should follow later today or tomorrow, at last


Whatever happened with enabling html formatting within the secitons? ie I want to have a bulleted list in the “services” widget. Or even simply bold and italics text?

Hello @marcee,

You should be able to use bold and italics text, under the form of b and emtags.

Extended HTML syntax like lists is still not possible, but we did our best to provide support for some tags like the ones from above, so let me know if you got everything alright.

Kind regards

Hoping you can help me out. It appears that on the home page it is not accepting any of my plugins (they are not showing up). In the actual home page where I can type some content (not the pre-set sections) no plugins are showing up no matter how I format the short code. Do you have a solution to this? Thanks!

The “bold” tags aren’t working. For example, if I try to add a bold sentence to the Services section, it shows that I typed it into the content container, the change is reflected in the preview to the right, but when I click save & publish, the changes disappear and when I go back to that content box my tagging is gone as well. The “em” tags seem to work fine and they stick. Thoughts?

This is quite strange, the bold syntax should be working alright.

I need to look into this and maybe send it back to development, sorry for the trouble!

Kind regards

Hi there! I was just wondering if I could use this theme as a multi-page site instead of one-page?

Thanks, guys, you rock!

do i have to install a custom css plugin to put in all this css code? I really want to change the colour of the about section!