hentry (markup: microformats.org) - Missing author / Updated


I am not sure it is related to the theme, but maybe you can help.
I am getting errors from google webmaster tools for missing author / missing updated.

Is there anyway to fix it?
I saw they suggested to edit the html but I am not sure how and where to do it with the THEME.

I am using a child theme.

Thank you!


Does anybody know how to start with it ?
Does it affect Google rank ?


Got this error also.
Perhaps this url Google Product Forums could be usefull.

In Google WMT almost every page has this error :
Missing: author
Missing: updated
Missing: author
Missing: updated
Missing: author
Missing: updated
Missing: author
Missing: updated
Missing: author

Had the same with a former theme, removed the words hentry into some other, problem solved, however, I don’t know why designers use this hentry word.

[1] special reason for ‘hentry’
[2] how to solve this problem

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Ontbreekt: updated

These errors won’t affect SEO, website performance and reliability and are very specific for structuring data for Google. Unless you are running The New York Times and have millions of entries that you want to help Google to crawl this won’t affect your website.

I have already updated Github version for this theme that you can see here. This version includes some markup updates but it will not go live for the next several weeks. I want to make sure that Google re-indexes Travelify demo site to see if all errors are gone.

Thanks mr Aigars for your fast answer, but can you imagine what is happening if a simple webmaster has this message in WMT : "hentry
Marks: microformats.org 1343 errors on a total of 2131 ? in full red of course. :wink:

I’m not a designer although I made websites myself, until 5 years earlier Wordpress became a bit easier. Before html or better: working with Xara Webdesigner.

In my point of view: I don’t use microformats.

It’s a good moment to say ‘thank you’ for a nice layout, although the reason : theme Atheros was not responsive :wink: So , Google was already complaining and made “a threat about April, 21”

And now the microformats.
Is it possible to - in short - tell where in this context, microformats is used for ?


Microformats are used to make search engine crawlers life easier and to standardize web in general. It is most effective when used for some specific purpose such as eCommerce and review sites.

Here is an example:

But if your website is just a blog there is almost no use for Microformats because nothing of that will be displayed in Google Search Result Pages (SERP).

Even when things are properly structured using Microformats these results will not be picked up by Google unless your website is really popular or have a lot of unique products and their descriptions or reviews. Sometimes Google does pick up some results from older sites but it usually take several months or years.

I have read a few of the links and answers you have given in the forums for the travelify theme that say you have fixed the problem with the hentry errors in 2015. However, I just downloaded travelify in the last month and created a new site and google is still listing these errors in 2017. Can you please advise.

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While Google’s hentry errors do not affect your site’s SEO/Reliability in any way whatsoever (as was mentioned before), you may have a look at the article linked below for a few suggestions that could potentially solve the problem for you:

You could also try using the plugin below:

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the links. Since I am asking the travelify theme’s creator about what (everything I have read) is problem as a result of the theme (also confirmed in the links you sent) I am a bit confused as to why I need to find a workaround to this problem, or install an additional plugin to get rid of the errors, In 2015, your posts suggest you are correcting the theme so it doesnt create hentry errors, why is the theme travelify not being just corrected ?