How to translate home/front page? on all other pages the translate plugin works

Hi there,

I use Shapely and have a homepage and several other pages. I use WPglobus to translate and it works well for other pages. Not for the home/front page though.

I created the homepage with the theme customizer only.
I created the pages via admin/pages.
In admin/pages, the home and front page do exist, but I did not create these and they are blank. Maybe this has something to do with it?

Thanks for help how to translate also the home/front page of this nice theme.


Hey there

I’m not sure how WPglobus works but Loco translate plugin was used many times by our customers and it worked well

Thank you for the reply, Loco is for translating the theme, not for translating content, is it? While Globus lets you manually translate content.
Which plugin is recommended to translate colorlib homepages?

Am I correct that with your themes, the content of a homepage only exists in your customizer page? and not as ‘normal page’ in admin/pages? or can I/should I also see it there?


Ok, got it, in this case, you may use Polylang :wink:

“the content of a homepage only exists in your customizer page?” - Yep

so I activated Polylang and I can do the same as Globus, it should be fine for all pages
however, I do not see how I can translated my homepage/front page, because it is empty in admin/pages. As you confirmed, that only excists in Colorlib customizer.

so the question remains, how can I translate in the customizer, or the content of the customizer? how do others do that (with Polylang)?



@colorlibsupport what do you think?
Thank you!


Try this solution: Add Polylang support for Customizer – WordPress plugin |

Please note, the theme is not coded to be a multilanguage, so it may require different approach

thanks once more
do you have a similar theme that is already multilanguage?

Hi @Sandor

Im sorry but not, but please check our WordPress themes in the menu

@colorlibsupport Hi Noda, hope you had a nice weekend. What do you think about switching to another but similar colorlib theme?


Well, that’s possible but it depends on you, you may choose other themes from our WordPress themes:

yes, there so many.
Which one is similar to Shapely BUT has multilangue feature?

Sandor, it’s up to you, I can’t say which one is better for you :slight_smile: I would recommend Illdy for example but it will also require some custom approach to make it multilanguage

Hi Noda,

I have been working with your suggestions and I added “Polylang support for customizer”.

Question: in the customizer, my first/original frontpage is in English. Under ‘Widget’ I can select Homepage and 4x a footer area. Homepage lets me customize my homepage. See screenshot. All great.

Next I select NL (dutch) as the second frontpage so it can be translated. Problem: under ‘Widget’ I only find 4x footer, but not Homepage (would be the same screenshot but without the red circle ‘Homepage’)!

How to add ‘homepage’ as a widget also to the new/NL frontpage?

Thanks very much for thoughts!


Hi Noda @colorlibsupport,

I just saw a similar question from another happy Shapely user (Julien).

Maybe you can help both of us at the same time!
What do you think? TNX!


Hi Sandor,

Check my reply: Homepage Shapely in multiple languages with Polylang - #3 by colorlibsupport

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