Illdy theme. Mobile nav menu and Anchor links

This has been driving me nuts. I have anchor links for all of my pages on the main page. Works fine on desktop but on mobile phones the menu scrolls to the correct location but then stays open and you have to click the menu again to close it. This has been confusing my users and I have been getting emails from them saying they cannot navigate the page.
I did try the

The menu items are custom links linking to the following

I do understand that I could just hard link them instead like this

However that will refresh the page on each click and disable the scroll which completely defeats the purpose of having the ability to scroll through the page using the menu system.


This is the exact issue I’m having but on the IIldy theme, but this doesn’t seem to fix the issue either:

Any ideas?

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Sorry, but this is how the menu works in the theme, you can check our demo too, we have the exact same functionality on the demo, the only difference is your menu is fixed and it stays visible after the scroll, for better usability my suggestion is to disable fixed menu

Colorlib Support Team

Your right. I disabled the fixed menu and like it a lot better that way anyway. That fixed my issue.

Thank you!

that’s it, very simple solution that worked great :slight_smile:

Is there anything else?

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That’s it thanks.

Ok, will close this case now, Feel free to contact us again if you have other questions