licence purchase

in the month of May I bought a license for all the temples, but now I see that I can’t access or download any of them.
is it possible to associate this license to my account?

hey there

We are chancing system and it will take some time to migrate all old accounts into the new system

Sorry for inconenince


Access granted. You can now reset your password here.


Again my license does not let me download the templates, it asks me to purchase a new license.

I remain attentive.

same for me. purchased on October 2020
It only displays “expired” at the top…

Hi there

Those licenses were limited to one year, so, they are expired for now.
Please note, we changed licensing terms


When I bought the license, it was a lifetime license. You can’t change the terms of something I already bought after the fact. Especially since there is a lifetime license even with the new license model. Therefore I demand that my access is unlocked as I paid for it: As a Lifetime License.

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I already replied here: Again my licence purchase - #7 by colorlibsupport

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