License Certificate

I purchased a licence to have the ability to download any of the templates from here: 1500+ Best Website Templates 2021 - Colorlib

I am unable to do that how do we resolve this as I am needing some templates for work urgently.

I have requested help from the contact page multiple times but no response.

Hey there

Which template did you purchase? please provide a direct link to the template you purchased and cant download


Think there may have been an miss understanding there
Here is a link to the licence i am on about: Dropbox - File Deleted

When I purchased this i was informed i had the ability to download any template from: 1500+ Best Website Templates 2021 - Colorlib
Which is stated on the licence

I believe this means I should be able to install any templates from the area stated above


Please reset your password here:
After that, you can log in and download templates like usual.


I have done as requested and it is still asking me to purchase the themes from here: 1500+ Best Website Templates 2021 - Colorlib

How can we get this resolved?

I still have not had this issue resolved i purchased a lifetime licence that cost me ($99) and I have still not been given my lifetime licence to work after the update.

Please resolve this issue or I will be taking this to legals

Hi @Calans98

Sorry, but the license conditions has been changed, it was impossible to keep business under that rules, it affected everybody not only you

This may be the case but i have purchased the Licence when it stated Lifetime. This licence does not have an expiration date meaning the licence should still be held. There was nothing stating you where able to change this at a later date.

Please add the ability to have my lifetime licence on my account or I will be instructing a solicitor within the following weeks.

@Calans98 I understand you, but I’m unable to make anything in this case since I don’t have role

Can you put me in contact with someone that can then.

yes, you need to use the contact form here: Contact us - Colorlib