License not applied to new account

Hello there,

I purchased a lifetime license back in 2019, but I think that was before this new account system. Could I get some assistance applying my license to my account? I just created it under the same email. Please let me know if there is any other information I can provide to assist.

Thank you

Hi there

Sorry, it will be outdated for now, you need to renew your account under new account system

I already created an account under the new account system. But I need help applying my license since I cannot access any templates

@aigars-silkalns is this something you’d be able to assist with? I see you were able to help some other people through these threads. I believe you were also the one that emailed me my license certificate. Thank you

Hello. Could I please get some help with this? I need to download a new template

Hi there

Sorry about that, but from what I know you need to renew your license, otherwise you cant download templates

Hi. Thanks for the response. But why do I need to rebuy the license if I already bought a lifetime license?

In the second thread colorlibsupport assured users that “your purchase will not be lost”

I see some others have had this issue fixed.

Hi there

Please use the contact us page for the account-related problem, unfortunately ic ant process them here