Menu bar dropdown broken after WP5.6 update

Hello there.

Very much appreciate your hard work making these excellent themes.

Unfortunately the latest WordPress update (5.6) has caused severe issues for the Dazzling theme, as others have noted. I tried the jquery plugin that WP suggest can be a temporary fix but no luck for me, sadly.

On my site the menu bar no longer drops down to sub-items, and the link is just to a hash symbol for some reason. Additionally the Dazzling Popular Posts Widget has a similar issue and is unresponsive.

I and many others would be very grateful indeed if you could look at an update for this as soon as you can, and understand it is actually the fault of WordPress for making so-called updates that seemingly provide no benefits whatsoever but a whole load of hassle and inconvenience for site owners, users and those who make themes. WordPress developers need to learn the phrase “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” because what they are actually doing is breaking things!

Look forward to your response. Best regards, Dan

This seems to be the cause:
jQuery.fn.load() is deprecated

This was found in:

I found a lead to a solution here:

For now my workaround is:
Install this plugin:
Enable jQuery Migrate Helper

Go to tools and the “jQuery migratie” and set the jQuery version to “1.12.4”.

This is in no way a solution but a temporary workaround.

Many, many thanks indeed.

This will certainly be ok for the short-term.

Let’s hope there’s a permanent fix before too long.

Regards, Dan

Hey there

I just verified it and its working without any problem on my side,
I will mark this question as a resolved for now