Menu don't work for mobiles

I found out that the menu that I assigned for this theme don’t work for mobiles…
It’s fine for PC’s but every time I try it from mobile OR inspect in google chrome then it doesnt work:


I got few modifications there, but I also tried plain Sparkling without ANY changes right after download and the behavior is same…

The problem is with menu items that have any sub-items:

  • You can’t unroll them in mobile
  • The link of main item is only “#” so the link dont go anywhere…

Any ideas how to fix it?
How I said, I got modified theme there, but I also tried the plain one right after download and its the same…


I’ve got the same problem and I haven’t installed Easy Bootstrap Shortcode (I’ve read that this plugin can cause this problem)!

So you don’t have it and have the same problem…

SO does anyone know what really cause that problem? And HOW to solve it?

It seems from the reply posted in the following topic that you are facing this issue due to Bootstrap shortcode Pro plugin.

Hey Movin + Everyone who has had this problem,
If your submenus do not toggle down to reveal on mobile devices.

When using EBS (easy bootstrap shortcode plugin)
You need to have a particular setup for the EBS settings.
This is mentioned in the Sparkling Theme documentation.

This worked for me.

The top-level menus do not link on mobile…but this is a different problem.
For this you may have to do a workaround by repeating the top level item as the 1st item in the submenu.
Top-level items are not clickable in Bootstrap

Hi @junder,

I hope you are well today and thanks for helping out here in this forum.

Your help here is really appreciated.

Here’s the direct Sparkling Theme documentation URL Sparkling Theme Documentation - Colorlib