Menu icons

Hi @Aigars,

I have a problem with icons in menu.

If I use Font Awesome like explained here Sparkling Theme Documentation - Colorlib
I get the problem in screenshot: it should be visible only the word “Calendario” and not the inline element of the icon!!!

Further more, I’d like to use Google Material Icons instead.
They are available here and the instructions are here Material Icons Guide - Google Design

But it is like Font Awesome so I get the previous problem.

Is it possible to solve it or to use them the same as Glyphicons just by putting the id in Title Attribute of the menu item?

Thanks a lot!!

Hi @fuoriluogoasti,

I hope you are well today and thanks for posting here.

It’s the known issue that will be resolved in the future version of Sparkling theme.

In the meanwhile to resolve the issue you can use the solution posted in the following reply.

Best Regards,