Mobile Menu not working (Jobboard)

Hi! I recently purchased Jobboard template, and noticed that links are non-responsive in the mobile menu mode. I checked the demo on your site and it has the same issue. Please help!

Hi there

May I see it? please provide url of the page and I will check it


There is a JS error in the js/custom.js file line 167 if you cant fix it I need a FTP details to login and fix them for you

I can get into custom.js and find/edit line 167. Can you post here (or email me) the fixed version of this line?


Sorry, but it needs to be tested, I don’t have working version of the code, if possible send me your ftp details in a private message and I will help

Ok. I sent you the codes to…


No, please send it here in the system, click on my name and you will see option to send a private message

This is what comes up when I click on your name:


Sorry, I just sent you a message, reply back please

Hi, did you got my reply (private message) with information you requested?

Can you please provide any information regarding status of my case?

I too am having this issue. What is the resolution?

What’s the resolution to this issue please? Colorlib has known there’s a bug in its code, which it has chosen not to issue a fix for. Please resolve this ASAP

Is this resolved yet? When are you issuing a fix?

I need this bug fixed to bring my website into production. Why is no one from Colorlib even responding to this thread?

Hi @sinichjo

Sorry, I missed this ticket, what is your problem? please provide screenshot and URL of the website

Exactly the same as the OP. the hyperlinks for the menu bar of the mobile site do not work. What fix did you provide for them? My website is not hosted because your template is broken so I cannot do so until this is fixed

Hi @sinichjo

Sorry about it, I understand but I want to see the problem, without seeing it I cant provide any feedback, any chance to see the problem?