Mobile Menu not working (Jobboard)

Hi! I recently purchased Jobboard template, and noticed that links are non-responsive in the mobile menu mode. I checked the demo on your site and it has the same issue. Please help!

Hi there

May I see it? please provide url of the page and I will check it


There is a JS error in the js/custom.js file line 167 if you cant fix it I need a FTP details to login and fix them for you

I can get into custom.js and find/edit line 167. Can you post here (or email me) the fixed version of this line?


Sorry, but it needs to be tested, I don’t have working version of the code, if possible send me your ftp details in a private message and I will help

Ok. I sent you the codes to…


No, please send it here in the system, click on my name and you will see option to send a private message

This is what comes up when I click on your name:


Sorry, I just sent you a message, reply back please