Navigation should always stay visible while scrolling

When scrolling the first time the site-navigation class turns from “main-navigation” to “main-navigation outOfSight” and the navigation is not visible.
I want the navigation to be visible all the time. How can I fix this?

Thank you.

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The navigation in Shapely is persistent, it only disappears temporarily when scrolling downwards.

Could you please provide a link to your website so that I can inspect it?

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thanks for your reply.

My website isn’t online yet. You can see it on the Shapley Demo Site

The navigation hides at first and comes back down after scrolling.

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Sorry but this is how it should work, this css will make small difference please add it in appearance> customize > additional css:

.main-navigation {
    position: fixed !important;


so it is not possible to keep the navigation completely fixed all the time? What is the reason for hiding it after the first scroll? This looks kind of buggy in my opinion.

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Sorry, but without customization, it’s not possible :frowning:
well, i can’t say why but this is how its designed and to be honest it looks pretty stylish for me and since its there then we can thing others also like it :slight_smile:


so here’s my website. http://kä

After i pasted the code to the additional css, the content inside the parallax section moved a bit to the top and the navigation is still doing the same…

Do you have any other ideas?


Sorry but no :frowning:
the reason why image is little bit moved up is that it uses parallax function,