No Download Button


I have a Lifetime Membership account , and I could download templates, but starting a few days ago I can not see the download button on the Website Templates (1500+ Best Website Templates (HTML & CSS) 2023 - Colorlib) . email address [email protected]


I’m having the same issue. Not a good first impression, especially for paying $349.

Hey there

I could verify purchases for both and they are legit, no problem, could you please reset your account password and try again?


I have reset my password but still no download button .

Reseted it through lost password functionality and also by logging in and changing password

I reset my password, cleared cache and site data and still no download button.

Same issue for me with active yearly membership.

I have a warning message saying: Your license key for Easy Digital Downloads EU VAT has expired in WP pages. May be a clue ?

Can we get an ETA on this reply, I’m tempted to just ask for a refund if this isn’t handled in a timely manner.

Correction on this is now urgent, please give download button back for members.

Hey there

So sorry about this problem, please take my apologies.
Please refer to this thread: Paid for lifetime not able to use

We are actively addressing this issue. If you need to download specific templates, please let me know, and I can provide them to you manually.


On my side I need Directone - Best Local Directory Website Template 2023 - Colorlib asap, I was supposed to work with it today.

Sorry for the inconvinience. DM sent with the direct download link.