possibility to show menu struktur

Hi all,
I am playing around with Travelify and I have a slightly problem with the menu and submenus I created.
Normally, the menu (within in the first order) is shown and a mouse over shows the specific submenus. By clicking on such a submenue the content is shown. This works perfect.

Now, I have created a menu and submenu structure and I would kindly like to “know” (better show) where the user are and witch page is shown. Thereby, I would kindly like to insert a shoer information between menu and the content itself a kind of this:

Menu Entry 1 → Sub-Menu Entry 1

How is it possible?

If this is not possible, which solution I could chose?
Thanks for all coming answers


I guess by that you meant breadcrumbs that you can see enabled on our website: https://colorlib.com/travelify/contact-us/ on the upper right corner right below menu.

Theme is optimized to work with plugin called Breadcrumb NavXT. You just need to download and enable that plugin and you are ready to go. You can read more about this plugin here.

Also make sure that you have proper parent/child pages created so Breadcrumbs could become more useful.

Dear Aigars,
thank you for your quick answer… That is, what I was looking for :wink:
best regards