Problems with menu and slider


I have read a few topics on this matter, even read the whole github information about wp-bootstrap-navwalker… I even found a video on this on youtube… but unfortunately nothing works for me…
I need to make this menu:
→ Pravila za piškotke (

please if anyone can make step-by-step instructions…

The second problem I have is the slider on front page.

  1. I can’t disable comments - I don’t have “discussion” options??
  2. I added more than one banner in carausel… but it won’t move forward - it is stuck on first picture only… how to get slider to rotate to another picture?

Your help is much appreciated,

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  1. You didn’t have to read any advanced menu related documentation but start with this one. Since you have attempted some insane customizations you have to remove dropdown-header Title Attribute from top menu item which prevents menu from working properly.

  2. This will help you to fix disable comments for posts/pages

  1. No slider will work in your setup. You have dozens of completely useless plugins installed that does nothing and causes JavaScript conflicts with slider. Make sure to disable all of them to see which one causes problems with slider. Most likely there are multiple ones that are breaking its functionality. Always try to keep number of plugins as low as possible. Not just because of JavaScript conflicts but it will make your website to loads much, much faster.


Thank you for your reply.

I have now found out who caused the problem with slider. It was GL Facebook Likebox plugin. I disabled it, and deleted Jigoshop, that I used before. I deleted few of them, all other are disabled.

I also noticed when I install jetpack everything crashes, I get 500 internal error.
Well now I fixed the 2 and 3 problem, I would only like to change the color of text in the slider, where is this possible?

I am still having the problem with menu. I deleted the title attribute dropdown-header, but it is still not working for me.

Make sure that you have properly configured Easy Bootstrap Shortcodes plugin:

I don’t see slider enabled on your website except one in homepage widget. Could you please show me where it is located?

It is located on homepage under jetpack gallery (straight right), I now disabled captions, because I see violet text not white and I don’t like it. This is not really big issue now.

But now I have another problem, I placed bogus orders. I don’t receive any emails, as well all my fictional orders are pending under woocommerce->orders even though I try to change status to complete. Also I tried to set up email with WP SMTP plugin. Nothing works.


That part definitely has nothing to do with theme. Check server error logs to see why this operation fails. With that error message or error code you will be able to find more on Google. From information you provided it looks like that it has something to do with WordPress installation itself or your hosting setup. That’s why error log will provide you with more information.

Thank you very much Aigars. I admire your patience and again thank you for all your help.