"Read More" above JetPack Sharing

Hi there, great theme! I recently set it up on my site harlemline.com. The only issue that I am really having is between the “Read More” button and Jetpack’s sharing links. As it is now, the sharing links come before the Read More button, which I think makes things hard to understand. I would prefer to have the read more button right under the text of the post, and then have the sharing links under that. Any suggestion on how I would do that?


I don’t see Sparkling theme activated on your website. Make sure to do so and will try to look for some solution. It is going to be tricky because Jetpack sharing buttons are added right after the_content exactly where is read more button but Jetpack has a higher priority, so it loads first.

Will see if I can come up with some CSS trick for that.

Thanks for the response. That is SO strange. HarlemLine.com is supposed to be a (shorter) mirror of my main website at IRideTheHarlemLine.com - except the mirror has my old theme, and the real site has Sparkling. Will have to fix that one somehow! But check IRideTheHarlemLine.com, the theme is definitely activated there.


Your old site does have Sparkling theme activated.

I think a nice and clean solution to align social sharing icons with read more button would be to add them in line.

For that you can use this code by adding it to Theme Options - Other - Custom CSS

.sharedaddy, #content .sharedaddy, #main .sharedaddy {
    position: absolute;

When button is moved above social sharing buttons it looks really strange. This solution looks much better.

Awesome… that looks much better. Thank you very much for your help, Aigars.

Hmm, I think I just noticed an unintended side effect… on a single post page, check the sharing links now:

Looks like they’re being displayed on top of the tags…

Then replace it with this code. It will make this code effective only on homepage blog archive.

.home .sharedaddy, .home #content .home .sharedaddy, .home #main .sharedaddy {
position: absolute;