"Read More" not showing up on homepage for full content posts,i.e. not excerpts

I’ve tried all the code from past topics about this issue and still can’t figure it out for my page:

I did not choose excerpts and have the posts on full content, but the “read more” link at the bottom of the posts on the homepage is still not showing up. I’ve tried using both the button in the toolbar as well as code from past help responses, like this one:
a.more-link {
display: block;
color: #DA4453;

and the help in these ones:
(as well as others)

Can you help me fix this? Can you also help me understand why the button in the toolbar isn’t working the way it should?


HI @wdidwml,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

When you display full post content on home page then the Read More is not displayed because all the content is already displayed and there is nothing left for reading more. Users can visit single post page by clicking on the post title.

It only displays when you display post excerpt on home page.

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I don’t know if we’re talking about the same thing, b/c if I’m understanding you correctly, that’s simply not true. The post is trimmed down on the homepage by adding the read more option (as in the attached screenshot), but it doesn’t actually say “read more” or “continue reading” to indicate that there’s more to read. It just cuts the post down.

Yes you are right that we are not getting same result.

Please see the attached screenshot what i am getting.

Please make sure you have configured the theme options to display post excerpt and test it on different browser or logging out from your site.

I don’t want to use the “post excerpt” option bc it won’t show the photo, only a few lines of copy. I would like the homepage to show the first part of each post in its original format, which is a photo/gif plus the copy.

Is there no way to use the “read more” option as intended? It seems to be in your demo version (screenshots attached)

It is a featured image of the post which is not added in the post content.

You can set post featured image as described in this page http://freewptp.com/how-to-set-featured-image-or-post-thumbnail-in-wordpress/

And you can show the first part of each post in its original format by adding them in the excerpt field of post as described in the following page.