Remove 'Theme by Colorlib Powered by WordPress'

How do I remove ‘Theme by Colorlib Powered by WordPress’ in footer?

I’ve read this post, but it’s not been fully answered.
I can’t find (or even understand) ‘theme folder – library – strucutre.’

Can’t find library, structure either and would like to edit the footer info beyond what’s possible in theme options as well. Thanks for an update here.

That post you have mentioned is not related to Sparkling theme but Travelify theme and both are completely different.

For Sparkling theme copyright related information can be found in sparkling folder >> inc >> extras.php

Let me know if you need any further assistance.

Worked perfectly, you’re the best Aigars! :slight_smile:

Hi, I found extras.php Can you please tell me the code I need to erase? I don’t want to create a mess. After doing that will I be able to edit text in customize> sparkling options > footer ?

Hi @paraleldream,

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I did what you asked me @Movin please help.

@paraleldream I have replied on your new topic here