Single Template license how long it is available?


  1. If I buy the Single Template license, it is available for life for that template or it has to be renewed after one year?

  2. I read on the forum that by buying the license you can remove the backlink from the footer yourself, there is no separate template with a license and the links removed. And my question is: Don’t we have to receive, at least, a file (image or text) to upload it to the root folder which shows that the template has a license?


Hi there

  1. Please review this page covering all the questions around licensing: Licence - Colorlib
  2. No, there is no such file, you just need to remove footer credit code from the templates


They answer on your first question more clearly on this topic
Licence Duration.
So yes, buy once, use forever, no yearly update, unless you need technical SUPPORT , than you can renew technical SUPPORT every year.

Thanks for clarification @CicaDraza

I will mark this case as resolved now

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