Site crashes

Hi! First of all thank you for this great theme )
But I found one very serious bug. When I reload any page of my site the browser crashes ((

I use the default browser on my android pad (Pipo M6). When I use Chrome browser on the same device - all is Ok.

Could you please fix this very serious bug?

This is some serious but it could be related to many different things.

  • It could exceed your device memory
  • Device can handle the size of the website because of plugins, images, social scripts etc.
  • It could be some bug in the website, however, you are first to report this despite the fact that it is used by over 30,000 websites.

I have tested this website with various Android devices including smartphones and tablets and haven’t noticed any crashed but I of course I don’t have Pipo M6 available.

Could you please test if it crashes with my theme demo site: is OK. No problems. Does it have the latest version of the theme?

The problem is not in the device because I had never met such problems earlier with any sites.

Could you please look at my site and try to reload it’s pages in default Android browser? No matter what pages - even main crashes. Not every time but mostly.

I started the site only several days ago and now it has only 2 pages in two categories. No social scripts and plugins - you can see it by yourself.

Aigars, could you please help me because I like your theme and got used to it )


Tried now my site on smartphone (android) - the same crash even on mobile site version!
And again: Chrome and Opera - perfect, default browser - crash. So the promlem happens only if to surf my site with default android browser. Do you still think that the theme doesn,t play role?

Yes, demo site uses the latest theme version.

I just tested your website on Galaxy S2, S3, S4 and even the good old HTC Desire but still couldn’t manage to crash default browser. Really interesting case here.

Theme could play some role in this but I have no idea what could be wrong since I can’t see the crash report or anything to see what could be the possible case.

Will do some research on this and will check your site on other Android devices when I will have a change. However, you shouldn’t worry too much since many other Android have no problem viewing your site.

Will keep you updated when something comes up.

Thanks a lot! If you need any data from me I’m ready to help. I can even give you even login and pass from my blog if it can help you to solve this problem.

Once again I will tell you how I meet bowser crash: I open my site, browse it’s pages and reload them after they opened. Sometimes crash happens even without reloading - it’s enough even to surf my sites’s posts.

Access to your blog won’t give much since you don’t have any scripts/plugins installed as I can see it from your website source.

Just browsed around your entire website several times and post a comment using Android phone and default browser but still nothing. Really interesting case tho.

I installed only two plugins:

  1. All In One SEO Pack (
  2. RusToLat (
    But these plugins work on all my sites and I never had any problems with them.

I don’t want to believe that the reason of this bug is that my site is in Russian but not in English ))

I don’t think language is an issue, however, you might want to try to disable Android browser translation tool just to see if that does anything. Just for sake to test it.

And where is “translation tool” option? How to disable that? I never used it and I think that it is not activated in my browser.

New details about my problem: it is not necessary to reload pages. Browser crashes even when I surf site, almost immediately after you click any link ((

  1. Aigars, may be you know some more sites in RUSSIAN that use travelify theme? I could test them.
  2. Do you give me the link to previous version of travelify theme? I will try it.
  1. Try searching for “Тема от Color Awesomeness,” in Google. You will find loads of them.
  2. All Travelify version are available on WordPress theme repository:

I am not sure if the second options will do much but I am very much interested in results from the first test.

  1. Tested these sites:
  1. Tried another theme version - same problem (
  2. Reinstalled wordpress - same problem (

I understand that there is some incompatibility between the theme and my site content. BUT WHAT? I can’t really understand- I tried everything I could but it didn’t help. Can you help me?

When slider is enabled it adds extra JavaScript, so your site has less scripts which of course always is better.

For now I have no idea what could be wrong. But you shouldn’t worry too much about it. I have tested your site on plenty of different Android devices already without crashes. Now this includes even HTC Hero which is so old and slow that it took like few minutes to loads your website but still didn’t crash.

For example this website gets only 4% of total traffic comes from Android powered devices but only tiny fraction uses default browser.

For example 4% of traffic comes from Android device and less than one percent of them uses defoult android defaoult broser. So unless you are not creating website which is not related to Android, the chance of your visitors is 1 out of 100.

But since I tested your site on 5 different android devices and none of them crashed (Galaxy S2, S3, S4, HTC Desire, HTC Hero). So the change that someone will notice the crash minimizes to 1:500 or much less since S2 and S3 are by far the most popular devices today.

Like I said, you shouldn’t worry too much about this. And probably WP 3.7 will resolve this issue when it will come out. Ir is already in release candidate, so it should be available very soon.

Will see what else could I do but for now I have no idea for proper solution.

Unfortunately WP 3.7 did’t resolve this issue (It has just released today)

Recorded video how browser crashes:

I think found out why browser crashes. It is a real detective story and I spent several days for it )

First of all I tried to change content on my site I deleted images, I changed sidebars, I changed text and so on. I tried to find out what combination of site content causes browser crash. But nothing helped - it crashed every time.

Then I installed another different WP themes on sites - browser worked perfect. So we can conclude that Travelify theme causes crash. To check this I took my another well working site (on another hosting) and installed Travelify on it. All OK!

From now I understood that Travelify theme itself is not guilty. There must be some combination of facts on that causes crash… So the only way out to fix it was to delete everything, to reinstall Wordpress and theme. So I did it. And what you think? After I installed Travelify, browser began to crash - I even didn’t make anything with my site!

Can you imagine that? So, the only fact that I haven’t yet tested was the hosting itself. Though I hardly believed that it can cause such problems I decided to check it…

I took another hosting, installed Wordpress and Travelify theme - NO PROBLEMS! Then I took another account on my main hosting, installed Wordpress and Travelify theme - BROWSER CRASHED! So that is the reason why my site on another hosting worked well with Travelify theme!

So I think you will agree now that some incompatibility between next three facts causes problem:

  1. Default Android browser
  2. Travelify theme
  3. Hosting

But you can ask what’s the difference between those different hostings. That is the information I managed to find out:

  1. Well working hosting
  2. My main hosting with problems

Aigars, what do you think about all that? ) Now you can see how I love your Travelify theme and don’t want to use another - so can you help me?

An outstanding report!

I will check back to you tomorrow once I will have more time for this. Today is incredibly busy day for me.

Sorry for my inconvenience.

I see no problems with both host accounts but most likely there are some different encoding options use but they are hidden from users. But that’s ok.

For sake of testing try to uncomment (add two slashes //)

wp_register_style( 'google_font_ubuntu', '' );

This code on file functions.php which is located in Theme folder - library - functions. And then try to test if it still crashes the browser.

If the problem still occurs try uncomment this code on the same file.

wp_enqueue_style( 'travelify_style', get_stylesheet_uri() );

This will remove the entire stylesheet from your website and it will have no styling but this is just to see if the site will still crash.

Let me know results of this. And will move forward from here.